About entrance

Question : Is there an age limit for application?
Answer : No specific age limit. However, if it is more than 5 years graduating from the last school you attended, you will need an explanation of what you have been doing after the graduation. According to the applicant's situation, content differs. So please consult with us for further information.

Question : What is the level of education do I need to enter the school?
Answer :The applicant must have completed at least A/L in Sri Lanka.

Question : Who can become my financial sponsor?
Answer :A financial sponsor is generally a parent, brother or sister, or a close relative of the student.

About Visa

Question :Will the Japanese School apply for my visa?
Answer :If you are entering to a school as a foreign student, the school will apply for your student visa.

Question : Can I study Japanese after entering Japan with a short stay visa?
Answer : Generally, you are allowed to enter Japan for language training with short stay visa for only one time. You cannot study Japanese for a long term using short stay visas. Also, you cannot change your visa status to a student visa after entering Japan with a short stay visa.

About School

Question : Are there any scholarships available?
Answer :Yes. There is a system where students who have excellent attitudes, grades and attendance may be recommended and, if chosen, is likely to receive scholarships.

Question : Is there a dormitory?
Answer :The school is likely to introduce you to the affiliated dormitories. Please contact us for further information.

Question : How are the dormitory rooms furnished?
Answer : Rooms include a refrigerator, bedding, rice cooker etc.

About daly life in Japan

Question : Am I allowed to do part time work?
Answer :Yes. If you have a student visa, then, after receiving "Permission to Engage in Activities Outside the Scope of the Visa" from the Immigration Bureau, you will be eligible to work for up to twenty eight hours per week.

Question : How much are living expenses per month?
Answer :Total average cost:100,000yen-150,000yen
(Cost example:Rent (including energy costs) 40,000yen-70,000yen, Food 20,000yen-30,000yen, Mobile Phone 5000yen,1 month transport 10,000yen、Other 20,000yen-30,000yen)